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Secure. Optimise.

Vypex is an Australian technology company providing IoT solutions and tracking devices for asset tracking, safety, warehousing, inventory and distribution.

Securing assets

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

What we offer.

Vypex designs customised IoT solutions that track the physical location and status of assets. This is done through the use of technology, including but not limited to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, GPS and GNSS.​ Vypex devices can monitor everything from location, to temperature and collision detection. Our devices range in size from a lollypop to a mobile phone, and they are extremely rugged, with battery life up to 10 years. We can also custom build devices to ensure it meets our customer’s functional and design needs.



VypNet is our proprietary mesh network connecting all our devices. It was developed to address the most difficult challenges in IoT like signal loss and the Faraday Effect. The VypNet allows our customers to install a combination of cheaper devices with more feature-rich devices so business requirements can be met, while costs are contained.



Zeus packs a giant punch. Full of functionality, with a really big battery and utilising our proprietary VypNet network, it can give its location through both fixed gateways and its own mobile data.

Zeus device


Apollo boasts mobile data, self-location capabilities, and uses our proprietary VypNet network, all while lasting over 5 years.

Apollo device


Artemis utilises our proprietary VypNet network. It can give its location through both fixed gateways and mobile data VypNet enabled devices. This makes Artemis a versatile device at an industry leading price point.

Artemis device
Beacon portal

With the right software, great things can happen.

Our API platform 'Beacon' provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your assets and make informed decisions.

Each device connects to our complete SaaS portal which shows the map location of each asset, the asset type, how long it has been in the field, the complete trip history, its condition and much more.


Vypex’s detailed mapping and analytics platform can operate standalone or can be integrated with your existing system via our public APIs.

Beacon portal map screenshot

Tracking sollutions.

Our team is a collaborative and open minded group of experts. We are united in our commitment to innovation and the delivery of real value to our customers which is why we have designed our own products. This ensures the best possible tracking solution for our customers and their assets.

Each customer represents an individual project, and we customise and develop tracking solutions with them accordingly.




Custom-built devices

If Zeus, Apollo or Artemis don't suit your assest tracking needs,
let us custom-build a device that will.

Trusted among industry leaders.

Get ready to track the movement of your assets, ensure their security, and optimize their use.

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