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Get to Know Us

Vypex is an IoT company specialising in industrial environments like warehousing, freight and logistics, mining, food processing and waste management. Our focus is on ruggedised sensors, trackers and tags that can go on people, equipment and assets.

These devices can be used to monitor everything from location, to temperature to shock / collision detection. Our devices range in size from a cigarette lighter to a mobile phone, and they are extremely rugged, with a battery life up to 10 years. However we often custom build devices for our customers to ensure it meets their functional and design needs.


Each device connects to our complete SaaS portal which shows the map location of each asset, the asset type, how long it has been in the field, the complete trip history, its condition etc.
Beacon Portal


We have full access APIs which means the asset data can be past directly into your existing backend systems.
Beacon Portal
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